CONCERT: Bastille - Wild, Wild World Tour



Bastille set out on their headlining tour, Wild, Wild World tour, over a month ago in support of their most recent album, and closed it out in Raleigh, NC with a bang! Bastille somehow kept the rain away, which was in the forecast for Raleigh that night. However, just because a thunderstorm was near, that didn't keep fans from piling in with raincoats into Red Hat Amphitheatre in the middle of downtown.

While fans waited for the lights to fade, and Bastille to walk on stage, they provided entertainment from Wild World Communications which provided a newscaster theme for the whole night. Their quirky jumbo-tron skits kept fans laughing, while also providing something that I had never seen down before. Throughout the whole set, the skit would continue, and even Bastille's performance was recorded on the bigger screens to look like a news report. This brought their new album Wild World to life.

Starting their set with "Send Them Off!" was a fantastic bop to set the tone for the rest of the night. Their set list was 22 songs long, including their encore. If you were a fan of Wild World, you would have been in luck, because they played just about every song off of it. About halfway through their set, they had fans vote previously in the day for what song they played, and ding ding ding, they winner was "The Anchor". A few songs later, vocalist Dan Smith surprised fans on a mini stage out by the sound-stage in the middle of the amphitheater singing their rendition "Of The Night". This started a dance party in which fans participated in moving their booties all the way to the ground.

The rain held off their whole entire set, which my camera, my hair and myself were very thankful for. For the encore, Dan surprised fans once again and sang "Two Evils" on top of the bathroom trailer. I wonder what fans using the restroom thought when they all of a sudden heard footsteps above them.

Even though Dan claims his voice was shot, I'm not going to lie, he could totally serenade me every single night before I go to bed. Hell, even when I wake up in the morning. This was actually my second time seeing Bastille in two weeks, and let me tell you... they kill it every. single. time.

Thank you Bastille for kicking off my summer concert season. Also, thank you rain for not getting my hair wet.