ALBUM: The Maine - American Candy


 If all of The Maine's records had a baby, it's name would be American Candy.  "Am I Pretty" and "English Girls" give off vibes from the Can't Stop Won't Stop days, while "24 Floors" has a Pioneer feel. Lately, I feel like bands can only make one or two great albums. The Maine breaks that trend with their fifth full length album being just as catchy and talented as the rest. American Candy has such a raw energy radiating from each song that will for sure set the bar for the next album they create. "Miles Away" resembles Black & White, while "Another Night on Mars" sounds like Forever Halloween.  The chant at the end of "Another Night on Mars" really ties the record in, just like "We'll All Be..." on Can't Stop Won't Stop did. 

I highly recommend picking up this record to drive around with your windows down on a warm Spring day. 

Song to put on repeat: Diet Soda Society


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