CONCERT: New Politics

When I first saw New Politics live they were opening for Fall Out Boy in 2013 at The Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina. Flash forward a year later, and they are headlining The Fillmore themselves. New Politics setlist was one fans would be excited for. Opening with "Tonight You're Perfect" to closing with their radio hit "Harlem", their energy was consistent through-out. While I was standing in the crowd I began to look around and realize why I loved watching New Politics perform. It was because I discovered that New Politics were just as excited about performing, just as much as their fans were to see them (which if you don't know, what a lot). Lead singer, David, made sure to recognize the fans that new every single word. A few girls in front of me were dancing and singing their heart out, and David made sure to come over and sing straight to them multiple times, along with waving. Even at the end of the show New Politics recognized a fans birthday and brought her up on stage, sang happy birthday and gave her roses. New Politics set was full of lots of surprises (which I won't give all of them away). However, I will say that they perform a new song "Loyalties", and there are quite a few of break dancing performances involved. The Everywhere I Go Tour is a must see this fall.