CONCERT: Carolina Liar

    Carolina Liar is one of those bands that deserve every ounce of recognition. They have opened for such big names, such as Daughtry, David Cook, and now Kelly Clarkson. It seems that they tend to tour with American Idol contestants.  The band knows what they want, and they won’t let anything stop them. It’s only a matter of time before they become a family household name, like headliner Kelly Clarkson. 

    Carolina Liar’s set was in perfect timing with the sun setting. It was almost like they planned it. What could be more perfect than listening to their classic “Show Me What I’m Looking For” while the sunsets in the background? Their lights were even shades of purple, pink and orange. My favorite part of their set was just to see their reactions of the crowd loving their music. It was clear to me that they are the kind of band that feeds off of the crowds energy for their performances and just has fun with it.

    Carolina Liar made sure to play a variety of songs from their first album, Coming to Terms, to their latest album Wild Blessed Freedom. They made sure to do a job as a band by trying to get the crowd to clap in rhythm, and  lead singer, Chad Wolf, made sure to hold the microphone out to hear the crowd singing back. The crowd (which mostly consisted of drunken moms), knew all the words to Carolina Liar’s most popular hits.  Maybe it was from watching too many of the commercials on ABC Family, Or watching The Hills with their daughter. All I know, is everyone was loving their sound. Their set was short and sweet, at least it seemed that way. But time goes by when you’re having fun right?

    While The Fray was playing, I got the pleasure to meet up with 3/4 of Carolina Liar in the press trailer. Chad Wolf (singer), Rickard Göransson (Guitar) and Peter Carlsson (Drums) were a blast to talk to. We ended up interviewing them for around thirty minutes. When talking to them, I learned so much about what goes into literally everything they do as a band. I’ve never talked to musicians with such dedication and honesty. So do yourself a favor and read every single word that they have to say, even if it is lengthy, I promise it is worth it. 

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