Super Whatevr


We chatted with Skyler of Super Whatevr to discuss their fall tour and how they trying to help mental health through music.

For anyone who hasn’t listened to Super Whatevr, how would you describe your sound?

super whatevr sounds like a kid trying to work out his struggles and use that pain to invite people to grow out of an unhealthy mental state. also it sounds like alt rock.


Where does the name Super Whatevr come from?

super whatevr comes from the concept that something matters so much but you don’t feel like you can share it with others. similar to depression, it’s super important to get these feelings out but whatevr you say may not be received.


You’re kicking off tour in our homestate NC with Waterparks. What are you most looking forward to about this tour?

i’m looking forward to meeting people and becoming closer with those who feel hopeless and hopefully give them 30 minutes of hope.


What song are you most excited to perform live?

i’m excited to perform the elongated version of bloomfield. that’s how i wrote it and that’s how i intended it to be performed :)



You recently put out a music video for your song “Misquote”. What was the concept behind the song and the video?

misquote is based on a past relationship and how i tend to blame all problems on myself. like this (relationship) is unhealthy but it’s probably my fault. it’s being in a headspace of a failure but it’s just an illogical and deceptive mentality. the video is about zombies



Our site is all about combining music and art. In your music video for “telelelevision” you worked with artist Eat The Danger. What was that process like?

Eat The Danger is an amazing artist and created such an amazing visual representation of struggling with monotony and anxiety.


Earlier this year you released your debut album, Never, Nothing. What was the recording and writing process like?

i wrote Never Nothing over the course of 3 years and recorded it in 8 days. it turned out raw and emotional and i’m incredibly proud of it. it was stressful but it was so therapeutic to create.


Super Whatevr is a fairly new band, only being around a year. Where in five years, do you hope to see Super Whatever?

i hope Super Whatevr becomes an even bigger catalyst for mental health and allows people to have the tools to combat depression and anxiety.


Any plans for after tour?

my plan after the entertainment tour is to record album 2 and get married to my lovely fiancé Jess!!!!! and maybe tour a bit more... :)


Anything else you would like to add?

if you’re struggling, there are tools you can use to ease the pain of sorrow and emotional instability. you matter. you’re important. and you deserve to be treated with respect and love. anything short of that is a flat out lie. love u