We caught up with Con Bro Chill. Read below to find out more themselves, their free EP and their tour this March. 

Check out Con Bro Chill here!

Read what Con Bro Chill had to say below:

How would you describe your music? What makes your band unique?

Party. Neon. Dance. Fun. Chant. Rock Out. Love Life.

Those are some keywords. I think we’re an insane melting pot of LMFAO party rock, Andrew WK’s vibe, w/ aspirations to write as cool songs like Queen, Talking Heads, and dare I say Van Halen? I always sprinkle in bands like OK GO and Blink 182 as inspiration because we try and take after their hilarious and incredible videos. We put a ton of energy into making our own music videos.

 Where does the name “Con Bro Chill” come from?

It was a nickname I got in college from a surfing bud. We adopted the name as a band because we had built this platform w/ some YouTube skits I did w/ my brother and shortly after we started making songs. Now we’re stuck with the name. Sometimes I like to say, I’m Con (Me, the guy you’re talking to in this interview who’s really cool probably), Bro is my brother Sam, and Chill are my cool buds Steve and Tyler. Just go with it ok. 

How did you come up with the idea for your new music video for “We Came To Party”?

We thought doing the origin story of Con Bro Chill would be funny and because we call our fans the Neon Army we assumed that we probably went through some sort of crappy/absurd boot camp before we joined CBC. Than we did that old double trick and goofed hard.

We also wanted to show off our live show in a music video and we had all this sweet tour footage that our buddy got of us over these 4 shows. So we crammed it all together and tried to get you pumped and dialed in for when you come to our show!

 What can fans expect if they come out to a show on your tour in March?

You’re gonna have a good time. You can come to our show and go insane with us in the front row, or you can sit back and watch the spectacle unfold. Just bring your attitude and strap on some neon if you’re feeling it. 

 What is your favorite thing about being in a band?

Our live show. We love our fans and we love partying with them. You can come and watch our show, but it’s way more fun to sing and dance with us. We call it Party Synergy and we try to achieve it every night we play. 

Any plans for after tour?

More videos, more shows, more fun!

Would you like to say anything else?

If you dig our stuff  ( tell your buds and come out to a show. Love Life!

Thank you!




We caught up with Varna . Check out our interview below to see how they came to be and their plans for the future. 

Check out Varna here!

Read what they had to say below:

 For anyone who hasn’t listened to to Varna before, describe your sound?

Tiana: We are a hard rock/pop band. We have commercial pop vocals with hard rock guitars and our songs are very melodic, emotional and deal with this crazy ride we called LIFE.

Rob: A melodic rock with female vocals equals awesomeness..

 How does Varna stand out from all the rest in your genre?

Tiana: There are bands who we share the same fans with us but we have not been able to find a female fronted band like ours yet. We are unique in our band dynamic, our sound, our ethnicity between bandmates..our band is familiar to people but not so different that we can’t be understood. I think that’s a recipe for success. We never tried to sound like anyone else when we started  and if you ask people who we sound like we usually get a combination of two completely different artists.

Rossen: I don’t think that there Is a female fronted band who sounds like us. I think that we bring something to the rock scene which is missing today.

Rob: Trio, Hollywood, ethnicity, actual hard lives….

How do you all become involved in music?

Tiana: I have been singing since I can remember. Like many musicians, I have done solo projects and been in many failed bands. I made my first demo tape when I was 8 years old. 

Rossen: I always loved music, but I started playing guitar in high school when I got into listening to metal. 

Rob: Childhood dream being infatuated with the stage life and wanting to impress my childhood dream-crush; Amy lee of Evanescence…

 What is the best thing about being in a band?

Tiana: Getting to create something out of nothing with these two other people. Sharing a common goal and passion with your bandmates. Changing someone’s day or life with something that you created in a positive way. There are so many things, it’s almost impossible to break it down to just a few things.

Rob: The chemistry between the music you make and the bond you build with your bandmates, and especially the fans. Nothing beats a happy fan! 

Rossen: We get to create and play music, and actually have people listen to it and relate to it.

 What should fans expect from your set when they come out for a show?.

Tiana: Expect to walk away entertained. We are performers and monsters on stage. We will give you everything we have. That is where we shine.

Rossen: High energy, a great show and good music.

Rob: To be asked to walk up to the front of the stage first of all! Just kidding.. A literal high energy explosive rock show compatible to album quality.

Can we expect a spring tour?

Tiana: We are working on getting that accomplished. I don’t think people realize that we are unsigned and do everything ourselves. We are trying our best to make that happen! We want nothing more than to meet our fans in person and have them rock out with us.

Rob: When we book one you’ll know, we promise!

 What is the writing process like for you when creating a record/EP?

Rob: Weeks of studying parts and saving up all the cash we have!

Tiana: We narrow down all our songs that we write and choose the strongest songs based on overall message and crowd reaction. 

Any plans for any new music this year?

Rob: Yes!!! 

Tiana: Keep your eyes peeled. We do live rehearsals on our USTREAM account “Getting Personal w/ VARNA” and you might catch a new song before it hits the stores!

Anything else you would like to add? Thank you!

Tiana: You can find out more about us, purchase our music and connect to all our social media at our official website WWW.VARNABAND.COM.  You can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of ‘Down’ when you sign up to get the latest news from us. We are super easy to get a hold of, so please don’t hesitate reach out to us! We are so thankful for all the support around the world from all our fans and our fanbase, the #VARNAFAMILY!

Rob: Please feel free to try to connect with us! It’s literally Rossen, T, and I answer ALL of our sites and mail we receive. Please I encourage you to reach out to us to get to know us more!

Thank you so much, City Lights Coverage for having us and supporting our music! We loved the interview! 



We caught up with Alric “A.C” Carter (keybord/organ) of TAUK. Check out our interview below to see what he had to say about their current tour and how TAUK came to be.

Check out TAUK here!

**Also, catch them tonight at The Roux in Charlotte, NC!**

Read what he had to say below:

For anyone that has not listened to your band before, how would you describe your sound? What makes you different than all the rest?

This usually the hardest question to answer, because it’s hard to describe it accurately though genres. But if we must, its instrumental-rock fusion.

 Where does the name “Tauk” come from?

The name TAUK comes from a town way out on the eastern end of Long Island called Montauk. Our bass player was wearing a “Montauk” t-shirt one day and with little divine inspiration, we became TAUK.

What made you choose to be an only instrumental band?

We’ve always been jamming together as an instrumental band for so long it felt natural and comfortable when our line up changed. It was something that felt good to us so we stuck with it. 

 Your new tour has just started, how has it been so far?

Its been fantastic! We started out in Portland, ME with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and continued with him for four more dates in the Northeast. Super Bowl Sunday we drove from Long Island all the way out Colorado for a five-day run where we played with the Revivalists and Funky Meters and got to experience the great music lovers in Colorado. We’re currently in the Southeast making our way back north and sharing the bill with Lettuce, The Mantras, and more. This tour has been really eye opening for us.

 When fans come out to your show, what can they expect?

Every show is different. We embrace change and taking risk with our material. You can expect a high energy performance and a funky good time.

Can fans expect new music from TAUK this year?

Absolutely! We’re always working on new ideas.

 What are your plans for after this tour?

Immediately after this tour we’re heading to Los Angeles to start recording our second full length album. We’ve been writing and road testing all this new material and we’re pumped to share and get it out so people can hear.

Would you like to say anything else?

Thanks for the support and keep and eye out for our new album! Also, make sure to check our websites and socials for information about our future tours.

Thank you!


NEW INTERVIEW: Seiichi Daimo

We caught up with Seiichi Daimo. Check out our interview below to see what he had to say about a future tour and his new EP, In The Inbetween, coming out on February 25th, 2014. 

Check out Seiichi Daimo here!

Read what he had to say below:

For anyone that hasn’t listened to you yet, how would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as soulful, thoughtful, fun, folk / singer songwriter / pop music.

On February 25th, you are releasing your new EP In The Inbetween. What can fans expect from it?

Fans can expect a fun and unique EP. Serious topics in a positive, genuine, pop / folk format. While I am a solo acoustic artist the EP will be 4 fully realized songs with a full band. The record was produced and recorded by Joseph Stasio at Central Ave Studios in New Jersey.

What was the writing process like when creating the EP?

Well the “In The Inbetween” EP came about after a writing hiatus. I didn’t know what was next for me in my life. I felt stuck inbetween where I was and where I wanted to be. I then realized how relatable that feeling was. We are all in some state of transition, we are always changing and time is always moving forward. Once I had the concept it all came into perspective and allowed me to write. 

What is your favorite track off of the EP and why?

I would have to say the title track, “In The Inbetween”. Its fun and positive, while still being honest and serious. I think it’s the best portrayal of who i am as a songwriter.

How did you become involved in music and what made you want to pursue it?

Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to write songs. It wasn’t ever a decision I just expressed myself that way. I grew up in a musical house but not your typical musical house. My sisters and I were not allowed to listen to the radio. We studied classical music. I played the violin even tho I never actually wanted to. I always wanted to play the guitar, it was a magnetic draw. Once I was old enough to take guitar lessons the writing just came naturally. I will write songs for the rest of my life.

Can we expect a spring tour?

Yes, a spring tour is in the works! Dates are still “to be announced” but I will be making my way to Austin for music week to kick things off, then dates in San Francisco, LA, Philly, and NYC. For updates you can check out!

What can fans expect when they come out to see you perform?

Most shows I do are solo acoustic which means lots of 1 on 1 time. Haha. I try to just enjoy myself when I perform, I don’t take myself too seriously while I do touch on serious topics I think everything is good in balance. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Yes, Thank you so much for the questions! I like to leave my interviews with my phrases to inspire. “Make this life your art” and “shine bright”!

Thank you!


NEW TOUR: Before You Exit


Before You Exit announce new dates in March! Openers are TBA. 

Check out the dates below:

3.18   Lincoln Theatre                      Raleigh, NC

3.20   World Café Live                      Philadelphia, PA

3.22   GameChangerWorld               Freehold, NJ                                          

3.24  Brighton Music Hall                  Boston, MA           

3.25  The Space                                Hamden, CT

3.27  Jammin’ Java                           Vienna, VA

3.28   Club @ Stage AE                     Pittsburgh, PA

3.29   Lizard Lounge                         Lancaster, PA           

3.30   The National - Matinee            Richmond, VA

3.31   Amo’s                                      Charlotte, NC


We caught up with Adam Stockdole of Albatross to see what they have been up to. Read below to find out more about their new EP,  Out From Under, and more!

Check out Albatross here!

Read what Adam had to say below:

Describe your sound. What makes you stand out from all the rest in your genre?

I have always considered myself a folk artist, and when playing electric my influences are far more blues/rock oriented. But i love so many different things, motown, funk, phsyc and i love pop music too so i guess im influenced by it all really. With Albatross, i would say definitely folk, but i have found a lot of people consider my music to have bluegrass appeal. I would say its the instrumentation that makes it stand out and also lean toward that. Since spending time in Nashville, i have really enjoyed playing with bluegrass musicians. They bring the bluegrass to my folk, I bring the british folk singer/songwriter aspect to their bluegrass. With all the influences thrown in there, it makes for an educated and influential musical pallet. Hopefully ha.

How did you become involved in music, and make you want to pursue it as a career?

I got a guitar for Xmas when i was four, my dad played guitar and had three brothers, they were all in a band together. So… i had access to all instruments from the earliest age. My dad also gave me a big stack of records… The Beatles, Dire Straits, Jimi Hendrix… So much cool stuff. I cant ever remember not playing guitar, or loving music. I always feel more comfortable when i have an instrument in my hands.

How have fans reacted to your Out From Under EP?

Ive been overwhelmed by the response to this release. I guess i wasnt really sure what to expect. But its been great, friends in music have been really supportive and i have enjoyed some very nice reviews that have come in… I dont have a big following… but have been playing live for a long time, so for the few that have followed me for a while, im really happy to get this record out and give something back. Its taken longer than i would have liked because of other commitments, and as i self released but it feels good. 

What is your favorite song from the EP? Any specific story or influence behind it?

All the songs represent different feelings to me, both lyrically, and music vibe wise… But i think “i’d give it all up for you” always brings back really happy memories for me.. Just a time and a person that will always mean a lot to me. Also i struggle to write “happy” songs, most of them are reflective, and its normally the most negative experiences in life that evoke the need to say something about that. I guess its all part of the process. Awareness, Acceptance, Action.

What can fans expect when they go out to an Albatross show?

Ha ha, well hopefully the shows are always good. I would hope that more than anything else. But they are always different. I enjoy all different aspects of performing as albatross. When i am solo, it feels really naked and really honest, i enjoy the opportunity to share vulnerability with the audience. And playing the songs in their most simplistic form is really fun too. But when ever i can, i will use whoever is free to play with me, Nashville is such a great town for that. Everyone here can play, and everyone is good. I guess there have been many incarnations of my live band, this was kinda the idea of the moniker… I didnt want people to expect a constant where there never is one. But i have a great relationship with the people who played on the new record, and so play with them most regularly now. They are all songwriters too, so they get it…. We all play on each others projects.

What is something that you wish you could tell yourself that you know now, that you didn’t know when you first started touring?

Thats a tough one, there are so many great things about touring, but unfortunately many awful things too. Extensive periods of time on the road are very tough, it affects your mental and physical health.. The ways in which you approach it determine how much enjoyment you ultimately get out of it…. I would say most of all just to respect how much the body needs routine…. If you can find a way to implement this into touring life, then you’ve cracked it…. Its hard not to want to do everything all the time… And its important to make the most of stuff, there are always perks and unusual opportunities. But “Balance” is the only way to find some kind of equilibrium. Touring is like a magnifying glass over the creative mind…. It just exaggerates everything, the highs are higher and the lows are lower. Its hard to maintain this kind of living. Most musicians live for the moment i would say, and so looking for progress can be hard sometimes.

What made you want to change from being a touring musician (The Kooks, Mumford & Sons) to touring with your own band?

Ive had so much fun with everyone i have toured with. Ive been very lucky. But the time was always gonna come when i wanted to focus on my own thing. You just have to scratch that itch. Its a different thing and so the satisfaction is different too.

Any plans for a Spring tour?

I am trying to plan as much as i can at the moment, there will definitely be some summer stuff, and hopefully some supports towards the end of the year. Im looking at some house concert options for the nearer future.

Would you like to add anything else?

Thanks, to everyone who takes an interest in me and my music. I hope it means something to you. cheerio x

Thanks Adam!



We caught up with Electro-Rock group, SIIINES. Check out our interview below to see what they are up to and their new EP Fukushimarama!

Check out SIIINES here!

Read what SIIINES had to say below:

How would you describe your sound? What makes you stand out from all the rest in your genre?

SIIINES is best described as “David Guetta on fire in Paris Hilton’s closet” or if you want to keep it simple, Electro-Rock. I’d say the main thing that sets us apart is our aggressive focus on trying to piss people off via marriage of genres and lyrical topics.

What is your favourite thing about being in a band?

The best thing about being in a band is being able to surprise someone. When you make that perfect cocktail of sounds, visuals and ideas that is a new or perspective shifting experience conjured into existence from air. When it works it’s akin to magic.

What can fans expect from your new EP?

Sex, sarcasm, and honesty.

Specific influences behind the record?

Deadmau5, Kanye West and the entire last 5 years of depressing mainstream rock.

Favorite song on the EP and why?

‘God I Hate Clubs’ is probably my favourite track on the EP because somebody had to say it. It’s like a bad relationship, it’s expensive, you don’t hear what anyone is saying, you have to get wasted to endure it, you always wake up with a headache, but you keep crawling back because, hey… you need to get laid.

What can fans expect from a live show?

Plexiglass, epileptic seizures, and perhaps a half decent band. Definitely something you haven’t seen before.

Any plans after tour?

Attempt to make something bigger and better!

Anything else you would like to add?



Thank you!


NEW INTERVIEW: Alexz Johnson

Check out our interview with Alexz Johnson below to find out about her new EP, HEART, coming out February 18th! We also chatted with her about her transition from actress to singer. 

Check out Alexz Johnson here!

Read what Alexz Johnson had to say below:

For anyone who hasn’t listened yet, describe your sound, and what makes you unique.

I like to refer to my sound as soulful/folk-pop. I hope to write songs that are classic and not trendy.. records I grew up listening to like Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen really influenced by sound now. I guess what makes music unique is the person singing it. I write and sing and share everything I can from my personal experiences. Maybe that’s unique? 

What made you want to do the transition from acting to music?

I always did music… a lot of my acting gigs involved writing material for the shows and performing.. I got to a place where I felt I wasn’t experiencing the live/touring aspects of being a musician and I craved that so much. It led me to move to Brooklyn to pursue that. I plan on acting again in the future, but for now I want to put everything I have into these songs and shows.. 

What can fans expect from your new EP, HEART, that will be released on February 18th?

It’s a new chapter for me personally and in my writing as well…   strength in heartache. 

Is HEART influenced from anything in particular?

Love, life, moving to NYC..  healing through sharing my experiences. 

What is your favorite song off the record, and why?

It’s a tie between American Dreamer and Thank You For Breaking My Heart right now… but that changes depending on the day..

What can fans expect from an Alexz Johnson show? Especially for your upcoming tour with Wakey!Wakey and Ron Pope.

I’m opening acoustic so it’ll be nice and intimate! I’m looking forward to this tour…. I catch my flight to the UK in a few hours! 

What is your favorite thing about being a musician and why?

How unexpected life is…. How so much can happen in one day. I love being in movement and on the road.. It’s a gypsy life. I also love giving parts of myself in my writing. When I see people respond it makes the struggle worth it. 

City Lights Coverage is based in the United States, can we expect a U.S. tour anytime soon?

Yes! Hopefully this year! 

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for listening! Hope you enjoy the upcoming EP! 

Thank you!


NEW INTERVIEW: My Silent Bravery


We got the awesome opportunity to talk to My Silent Bravery about his new single, new music, and possible tour!

Check out My Silent Bravery here!

Read what My Silent Bravery had to say below:

For anyone who hasn’t listened to your music yet, how would you describe it to them?

Acoustic driven pop/rock with a positive message!

What makes you stand out from all of the other bands in your genre?

I think the message delivered in my songs makes me different from others, whether I stand out or not is out of my hands. I realized a while back, there are certain things you can control and certain things you can’t, so I just try to be myself as an artist and hope that people will enjoy my music. 

How does it feel having your music play in shows all over the TV (MTV Real World, True Life, One Tree Hill)?

I love having my songs featured on TV shows. It’s a great feeling and hope the trend continues! 

How has the feedback been on your new single “Amazing”?

It’s amazing the great feedback that “Amazing” has been getting! It’s the first single off the new album so it’s nice to have some new energy out there. Having the video picked up by was really special for me as well. 

Any specific influence behind the single?

To me, the song is about making the most out of what you’ve been given. You have to embrace whatever comes your way and enjoy the moment without the expectation of what you have in your mind. When things don’t go your way you have to kind of think that that maybe that’s the way they were supposed to go and make the best of the situation, make it amazing! 

Are you working on any new music? If so can you tell fans what they can expect from the songs?

I am really excited to release my fourth album in the next few months and then tour behind it. The album is called, Diamond from Coal, features 12 tracks, and is produced by Anthony Resta (Collective Soul, Elton John, Guster) and Warren Huart (Aerosmith, The Fray, James Blunt).  If the feedback on “Amazing” is any indication of how the rest of the album will be received, I think fans will really enjoy it! 

You have played over 300 shows. If you could go back in time to tell yourself something when you first started touring what would it be?

I think I would tell myself to enjoy it a little more. I tend to be a very hard worker and usually focused on accomplishing goals and tasks. When I first started touring, I thought it was about playing as many shows as I could. Now it’s more about playing the right shows, and enjoying the moment and connecting with fans. I just played a show with Daughtry this week and it was a truly amazing night and I enjoyed every minute!

Speaking of tour, can fans expect a winter tour?

I am excited to tour behind the release of the new album. Whether that will be in the winter or spring we will have to wait and see how things pan out, but fans can expect some shows!

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to thank you City Lights Coverage for your support and also thank all the fans that continue to support me! I am so greatly appreciative! 

Thank you!




We got the lovely chance to talk to Adam Jensen about his new EP, touring and more! 

Check out Adam Jensen here!

Pick up the Behold The Man EP here!

Read what Adam had to say below:

For anyone that hasn’t listened to your music before, how would you describe it? What makes your sound unique?

Hmmm thats a tough question at the moment because I purposely went for a totally different sound on this new record. I approached the writing and production in a different way than I usually do. I was specifically looking to make an album that didn’t sound like any of my other albums. I always say that I would hope my music can mostly simply be described as: Good Songs.

How did you become involved in music?

I started taking classical piano lessons around 8 or 9 from an old lady that lived around the corner. Louise was her name and she was awesome. According to her I was the next Bach. My parents got me an old piano from the Salvation Army but it was so shitty and old that I had to keep out back in the machine shop. So I’d be out there practicing in the freezing cold winter with fucking gloves on. Dedication man!!

Your new EP, Behold the Man, released last week. How has the reaction been so far?

The reaction has been really good, which is a relief because of the aforementioned different sound.  It debuted at #7 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter charts so thats cool I guess. 

For fans who haven’t picked the EP up yet, what can they expect from it?

They can expect something that sounds different than my past records. That being said the same songwriting and vocals are still there at the core. Also they can expect to be aurally entertained for 21 minutes.

Any specific influence or story behind any of the songs?

For this record I solely wrote about myself and my past experiences. 

What’s the story behind the music video for “The Kid”?

I had this idea for a Charlie Chaplin type video that acts as a narrative for the lyrics to the song. I think when you listen to “The Kid” there is an obvious literal and figurative story being told so I just needed someone to capture that. We posted my idea on a freelance website and the director Max Webb/Tiny Epics sent me a pitch with a narrative about a vulture who robs a store. He makes all the sets and the characters himself so it adds this creepy dark feel to the video. I was really happy with the end product. 

Any plan for a winter tour?

YES. I hope to be on the road a lot in 2014. See you soon America.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks so much to all my fans who have supported me over the years and for making both my EPs this year (Behold the Man EP and Head on a String EP) both of them hit #7 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter Charts. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. SERIOUSLY.

Thanks Adam for the interview! 

Thanks I appreciate it!! Hope you like the album!!