Artist Trades Album for Nudes

Artist, Loke Rahbek is giving his new album The Wild Palms away for free.  However, even though it costs no money, there is a price you would have to pay. He will only give away his album in exchange for a nude selfie with the The Wild Palms written somewhere on your body. He is only making the album available on cassette tape, in order to help stop people from sharing his album. He says he won't leak your naked selfie, if you don't share the album with others. If you do however, well, you asked for it. 

Loke Rahbek will only be making as many copies as equivalent to as many nudes he receives to The promotion ends on July 22nd.

Rahbek stated in FACT mag

“When you share your work with someone, it can be like showing your own skin – you are stripping naked,” he says. “So I ask that anyone who gets the music does not share it with anyone. And I promise in return to not share those photos with anyone. They are going to be in a file, and they are going to stay there. I wanted it to be secret, because you know if we’re talking about intimacy, nothing is stronger than keeping secrets together.”

This is something that has never been done before. We are curious to hear your thoughts on the form of "payment" Loke Rahbek is asking for his album The Wild Palms. Let us know your below!