We got the chance to talk with Daley! Read to see what he had to say about working with Pharrell Williams, his new album DAY & NIGHT, his current tour and more!

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Read what Daley. had to say below:

For anyone who hasn’t listened to you yet, how would you describe your sound? What makes you stand out from all of the rest in your genre?

I would describe it as honest songwriting, soulful at the core and futuristic in sound. Future-throwback.

I stand out because I am myself, and there’s only one of me!

 What made you want to get involved in the music industry?

I wouldn’t say I wanted to be involved in the music industry per say. I just love music. Expressing emotions through melody and words is therapeutic for me, and there is no other feeling like doing that live on stage. They are the things I want to be involved in, and that eventually lead me into the industry.

What is your favorite part about being a musician? 

Freedom. As much as there are logistical limitations to what I can do sometimes, it still gives me a feeling of freedom and control over my life, to know that I’m doing what I love and that there are people who truly connect and relate to it. It’s a beautiful medium.

What can fans expect on your DAYS+NIGHTS tour?

A little bit of what they know, and a whole lot of new! I’m really excited to bring the new songs to the live show, together with the songs people know me for. The album itself is really showing then next chapter of me as an artist so it’s great to finally be able to translate that to audiences in person. I always but emphasis on vocal performance and great musicianship at the shows too, so lots of that. A few special guests here and there !

What has been your favorite tour memory (on your current tour or any past tour) so far?

We actually just had the most amazing show in Fort Lauderdale FL last week, which I will never forget. The stars aligned and everything went so perfectly, from the audience to the venue to the band to the performance, it was a great show. So that’s my highlight so far this tour, last tour I would say performing my song ‘Alone Together’ with Marsha Ambrosius for the first time. We killed it!

How is it touring in the US vs the UK?

Very similar in most respects. I find my audiences wherever they are in the world are all appreciative of the same things musically, which is nice to see. In the US id say audiences are generally a little more vocal in expressing their excitement ! Which I love.

Speaking of DAYS+NIGHTS, you released an album entitled Days & Nights about a month ago. How has the reaction been? 

It’s been fantastic, and such a great feeling to see people connecting to these songs that I’ve had waiting for the last year or so. I love that people are embracing the new and different elements in bringing into the music as well as the stuff im known for. 

What is your favorite song off of the album? Any specific influence behind it?

Hard to choose, they’re all my children you know…! But I guess I’m really proud of the title track ‘Days & Nights’. That was the song that made me feel like I was working towards an album of material. From the sonic to the subject matter I love what I was able to create (with producer Bernard Butler) it feels very unique to me.

How was working with Pharrel Williams and Roots Ahmir “Questlove?” Thompson on it?

A complete honour. Pharrell is someone who I grew up admiring, so to have him involved in the album and be so humble and excited about me as an artist was a really career-affirming moment for me. Questlove much the same, someone I’ve always had so much respect for, and it was great that we got to jam out on some stuff in the process of making the album.

You also collaborated with Jessie J, and Marsha Ambrosius on some songs. If you could chose anyone to collaborate with in the future, who would it be?

I kind of feel like I’m all collaborated out right now! I’m not sure. I’d like to do something with Kendrick Lamar, he impresses me so much. Aside from that, maybe Prince??

Any plans for after tour?

Enjoy my Summer, maybe head back to the UK for some promo, hopefully do some festivals, live life!

Thank you for your time! Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Huge thanks to everybody who’s supported my music and the album so far!