INTERVIEW: Wheeler Brothers

We caught up with Patrick and Nolan Wheeler of Wheeler Brothers to discuss their current tour, future goals, and potential new music. 

For anyone who hasn’t listened to you yet, how would you describe your sound and what makes you stand out from all of the other bands in your genre?

PW: In regards to what our sound is and how it differentiates itself, I would say that it depends on who you ask. I have heard people describe us as folk rock, roots rock, indie rock or a combination of them all. In general, I think it is the sound we have come up with after mixing all of our influences in a bucket from the very first time we heard music until now. As music lovers ourselves, we will continue to add new sounds and put our own twists on things. I imagine how people describe us will continue to evolve and I believe that is a good thing.

I know three of you are brothers, how did you meet the other members in your band?

PWWe know AJ from back in the high school days and met Nate while he was touring with Emory Quinn

You recently just put both of your records on vinyl. Do you have a preference when it comes to vinyl or CDs?

NW: I love the vinyl experience. To me the sound is more warmly blended comparatively, but it’s more about thumbing through the collection and finding the right sound for the right moment to drop the needle.

PW: When we are home I would say most of us prefer vinyl and this is not because it’s trendy or nostalgic. Vinyl is cool because you typically listen through the whole album. This makes you more selective as to which bands records you buy. When I have a record going I am usually at my brothers studio, it is late at night and I generally have a Basil Haden’s with one cube of ice in hand. To me, there is no better way to soak up your favorite tunes and I wouldn’t be surprised if many were written in the same condition.

You guys are on tour right now, what can fans expect from a Wheeler Brothers show?

PW: At this point our shows are high energy rock shows. It’s usually not so much a fireworks and lights thing just good old fashion intensity. Every once and a while we will throw in a part of a cover and AJ can be pretty funny with his crowd observations and interactions. At the close of the night we usually trade a few drinks and stories with the other bands we meet along the way. In short, Fun, Sweat, Beer, and Stories.

What is something that you wish you could of told yourself when you first started touring that you know now?

NW: break the [drive      >sound check      >show    >Bar  >sleep  >drive] cycle as much as your schedule permits. There’s plenty to see along the way.

Sleep. Get it when you can. You’ll spend many a late night with your people. Pick your battles.

Don’t roll your heavy equipment over venue cables. Don’t roll it over any cables. Unfortunately, it took me a while to learn this. I apologized to the venues we visited from June 2011- probably May 2012.

PW: I would have told myself you are going to have to choose between being healthy and burning the candle from all ends. In other words not to bring the pull up bar because it is only going take up precious space in the van.

About a month ago, you guys were voted in the top Austin acts to break out in 2014. Based off of that, do you guys have any goals that you want to accomplish as a band this year?

NW: I’m excited to get back to the studio and finish our new material. That being said….. I wouldn’t mind playing a late night show. Say Jimmy Kimmel.

PW: Studio, Studio, Studio! We love touring but it’s time to get into creative mode and we are currently sifting through some producers we really respect. We really want to push ourselves and go all out on the next record. As far as new music goes we will likely be running a new tune here and there.

Can fans expect any new music this year?

NW: Tough to say. Following our spring/earlysummer tour we’ll be finishing our new material. We might release some of it via single. It’s too early to tell. But there will be previously unreleased tracks on the vinyl format of “Portraits” and “Gold Boots Glitter.”

Anything else you would like to add?

NW: I have a pretty nice collection of state magnets from places we’ve played but I need a good Rhode Island.